ENVE Energy design group, acting with the understanding that the international energy resources are not infinite, includes; In line with the relevant laws, regulations and standards, projects for the most suitable mechanical and electrical installation systems are prepared in terms of functionality, visuality and efficiency.

Design, project design and preparation of tender documents for all kinds of technical systems including electrical and mechanical engineering on office buildings, hotels, hospitals, industrial facilities, residential complexes, shopping and living centers, sports complexes are included in our service scope.

Apart from the Autocad program, our design department, which can use Autocad MEP and Autodesk REVIT MEP programs effectively, prepares projects that contain much more visual and technology in a much shorter time compared to classical methods. The effectiveness of three-dimensional drawing techniques facilitates the easy coordination of the prepared projects with other disciplines and provides an opportunity to resolve problems that may be encountered during the implementation phase. The gradual contraction of the project processes today causes the time required for interdisciplinary coordination. Our company develops both electrical and mechanical installation systems in harmony under the same roof.

By transferring the knowledge and experience of energy efficiency expertise to its designs, ENVE Energy designs in environmentally friendly systems where energy is used efficiently in line with its vision and mission. The design department, which also has experience in green building certifications, reflects the requirements of LEED and BREEAM certificates in their designs.


High current systems

Cable ducts and bus-bar systems

Earthing systems

Distribution and force boards

Internal, external and special lighting systems

Building automation systems

Telephone systems

Data distribution systems

Fire detection systems

Music and announcement systems

Satellite and central tv systems

CCTV systems


Ventilation systems

Air conditioning systems

Heating systems

Plumbing systems

Fire systems

Automatic control systems

Building management systems

Compressed air systems

Insulation systems

Solar energy systems

Heating systems

Heat pump systems